We believe it is necessary that our love for God and neighbor spills into the communities around us through real world service. The New Apostolic Church has a national charitable organization that trains, supports, and partners with local churches in serving their neighborhoods.

Doing good sounds easy, yet is often anything but. As a result, we firmly believe that building and maintaining relationships is a key factor for any successful charitable work, along with honest and self-reflective discussions about our needs and brokenness, and how we can build up and learn from those we serve.

re Charitable Ministry has three main areas of focus:

Our Grassroots program encourages and supports our local churches, offering workshops to provide a framework for understanding and engaging in effective charity outreach.

Our Humanitarian Projects program identifies, builds, and maintains long-term serving relationships with selected partners.

Our Disaster Relief program engages in secondary, case-based rehabilitation work where natural- and man-made disasters have affected regions near our churches. We look for opportunities to establish relationships with those in need and on-the-ground organizations to provide targeted and effective support during recovery.

re Charitable Ministry, the humanitarian organization of the New Apostolic Church USA, supports members in starting and growing serving projects for their communities, and also offers opportunities for serving abroad.

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